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One of our passions is to sit down with individuals, churches, businesses and others in our community.  We want to hear their vision for transformation of individuals, families, neighborhoods and the surrounding community.  Hopefully, we can then get an opportunity to paint a picture of the vision that God has given us for that same focus.  Invariably, we find points of intersection in those visions.  That’s exciting because that’s where we can walk alongside each other on that journey toward transformation, toward help, health and hope in this community.  It just works better when we can do it together.

Nearly 85% of OHC’s programming budget is supported by in-kind donations; those are gifts of goods, services and labor from a variety of sources.  Enabling the use of those in-kind blessings, OHC also receives cash needed  donations.  In 2015, those came from:

  • grants (about 15%)
  • local churches (about 25%)
  • local businesses (about 15%)
  • general public (about 30%)
  • fundraisers and memorials (about 15%).

We received major grants or gifts from Blue Cross Blue Shield of MI, Spectrum Health, and some generous donations from churches, businesses and individuals.

If you’d be interested in pursuing a partnership opportunity for your business, or your church group, or whatever organization you are engaged with, send a message to donate@ohcgr.org.  Our passion is to build partnerships and relationships through which OHC can pursue the fulfillment of its mission.