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Our VISION is a community where hope is restored by having basic health needs addressed in a Christ-centered environment.

Our MISSION is to provide hope through low cost/free medical care and basic life-skills education to the economically disadvantaged and uninsured of the west-side of Grand Rapids, Michigan, in Jesus’ Name.

Our ACTIONS and BEHAVIOR will always reflect these CORE VALUES and BELIEFS.

  • We believe that each of our clients is created equal and in the image of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • We are determined that our services will be given without prejudice to individuals with low income and no insurance.
  • It is our intention that each client walks away with not only an accurate diagnosis and a sound treatment plan, but also a feeling of self-worth from their experience with our caring providers and staff.
  • We will strive to represent the purpose of our services:  providing hope…in Jesus’ Name – as we interact with donors, vendors and our community neighbors, treating each one with the utmost of dignity and respect, reflecting God’s love.
  • We will handle and use each monetary or in-kind gift as well as any donated items with integrity and good stewardship.


We believe in the Triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Who, out of His abundant love, created a good world, inclunding humankind, with which to share that love.

We believe that humankind, given a choice, rebelled against the pre-eminence of God, choosing to attempt to elevate themselves into a position that belonged only to God, thereby introducing sin into the world and causing it to fall into a state of estrangement from its Maker.  We believe that this rebellion continues to this present day.

We believe that God, out of His abundant love, physically engaged this world in the form of His only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who by His life, death and resurrection, provided the only means by which humanity is enabled to cease its rebellion and become reconciled with its Creator.  They, by believing in the power of Christ’s work as the only complete and effective payment for humanity’s offences, are endowed, by God’s grace, with His righteousness, this faith in Christ thereby justifying them in the Father’s eyes and restoring them to communion with the Triune God.

We believe that Jesus Christ, upon His return to Heaven, established the Church, the universal body of believers who, empowered by the Holy Spirit, are commisioned to continue His work of reconciliation in the world until He returns to gather up His Church and present it to the Father in Heaven, with Whom the Church shall dwell for eternity.

We believe that this present work of reconciliation involves the Church, corporately and as individuals, becoming transformed into living representatives of Jesus Christ, totally identified not only with His life, death and resurrection, but also with His work of reconciling all creation to its Maker and bringing abundant joy and hope to humankind in the name of Jesus Christ.  We believe that this reconciliation involves not only spiritual healing, but also the process of meeting physical needs and deficiencies and relieving other forms of suffering brought about by sin and by existence in a fallen world.

We believe, therefore, that all Christians are called and mandated to be a part, however large or small, of this process to the extent that they have been empowered, gifted and enabled to do so by God.